Rental Management Service

If you have been managing your own property, have you ever gotten a call late at night to resolve a maintenance issue? Have you had problems with your residents not paying their rent in a timely manner? Have you ever been forced to evict someone? Do you know if you are missing out on your greatest rent potential?  Do you spend your valuable time paying bills and coordinating maintenance?  Do you have residents showing up at your home? Have you ever been forced to change your plans because of rental problems?

If you already have a property manager, do you always have to worry about vacancies?   Are your residents paying on a timely manner? Is your manager always available for emergencies? Is your maintenance getting done in a timely manner? Are you able to get hold of your Manager in a timely manner?

K & E Property Management can customize a plan with your needs to fit your needs to get the results you deserve.

K & E will meet with you for a free personal analysis of your property to develop a creative Management strategy to maximize your rent potential.  

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