Home Owners Associations Management Services

K & E offers an extensive list of services for our Home owners associations.  This can be customized to fit their needs.  These services include the following:

  • 1 Collect monthly dues from unit owners.
  • 2 Deposit dues into the Associations operating account.
  • 3 Assess late fees to owners according to the by-laws and policies and procedures of the Association.
  • 4 Keep an updated list of delinquencies and send delinquent letters in a timely manner to the unit owners. Prepare delinquency report for the Board on a monthly basis.
  • 5 Notify the Board when liens need to be filed than coordinate collections efforts with the Associations attorney.
  • 6 Prepare monthly financials showing details of receipts and expenditures as well as year to date totals.
  • 7 Reconcile monthly bank statements and make recommendations for fund transfers between the operating account and the reserve account if needed.
  • 8 Correspond with unit owners on any infractions of the rules of the Association.
  • 9 If need be attend up to twelve (12) monthly board meeting. This total includes the annual association meeting
  • 10 Assist the Treasurer in preparing annual budget.
  • 11 Managing agent receives all maintenance related phone calls to its home office between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. There will be an after-hours emergency maintenance contact phone number that unit owners can call.
  • 12 Managing agent is to determine responsibility of the repairs based on the associations governing documents and at the direction of the Board.
  • 13 Managing agent will contact the appropriate vendor for all approved work. Managing agent will continue to utilize established vendors of the association or if needed let out bids to new vendors.
  • 14 Managing agent will follow-up with vendors to ensure work has been completed properly and in a timely manner.
  • 15 Managing agent will receive, review, and approve for payment all maintenance related invoices. The board is to designate a representative that the managing agent is to contact for questions related to maintenance requests.
  • 16 Managing agent is to obtain necessary bids for capital improvement from vendors at the direction of the board. All proposals will be presented to the Board before the work is let out.
  • 17 The board is to decide on the amount the managing agent can spend on any one maintenance item without first obtaining permission from the board.

If there is a need that is not addressed here, please discuss this with us so we can find a way to accommodate you.

Please contact us at 937-434- 0991 for further information.